Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 1 Training - Post Report

Since it was still raya (gotta blame on something :P), only managed to run 3 times on my treadmill last week:

1) Tuesday - 5.5km
2) Wednesday - 3.5km (had to run errands for mother, which is more wajib than running.. Haha)
3) Friday - 11km

So in total, I only did 20 clicks only when the plan was to do at least 30 clicks...

MAJOR catching up to do this week... And need to run at the parks more and probably visit the infamous Kiara hills as well...

Thank God that there won't be any open houses or weddings to go to (I think!) for this week...

Either than that, I collected race packs for my friends and I yesterday for this coming Sunday's Newton Run... So this will be my LSD for the week...

And my girlfriends did an impromptu roadtrip to Melaka yesterday and I think I've gained back all of the calories that I've burned by eating this last night:

Super sinful ice kacang @ Jonker Street!
The gula melaka was just heavenly, luckily I decided to exclude the coconut milk!

Hope everyone will have a good week ahead! :)


  1. good luck, have a good race come beautiful Sunday morning:)

  2. the best ever cendol! the super-likat gula merah is to-die for!!! :)

  3. rayzeef: thanks! good luck to you too and see you this sun.. amik gambar please! ;)

    ian: yeap and it was just so sinful!!! ;)