Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 2 Training - Post Report

A very late entry on last week's trainings since it's going to be the end of the week already! ;)

Ran only once on my Happymill last week.... I was running di luar and ran 3 times! Yayyyy!!!

1) Tuesday - 11.2 km (Lembah Kiara Park & The Hills)
2) Wednesday - 3km
3) Friday - 6.5km (KLCC Park)
4) Newton Challenge Run - 25km

In total, I ran about 45.7 clicks last week...

I have yet to run this week... Still having the hangover from Newton's Run and  have been running errands for madam...

Need to run tomorrow 'til Sunday before resting it out a bit next week...

Plus I've been walking a lot for the past few days at the mall, so that considered as training also right? ;)

Oh, and I'm officially legam from the run last Sunday... *Yikes*

Other than that, I went to watch Muzikal Tun Mahathir on Monday night and it was the worst local musical that I've ever seen! Highly not recommended to everyone...

There was no flow to the story, the script was bad, all of the songs sounded the same and you felt as though you're in a government function instead... Might as well spend your money elsewhere!

So, to redeem myself, I had my post-run junk food meal @ KFC (idaman ku selalu....):

Yummy dinner plate!!!

Can't believe that Melbourne Marathon is in 10 days time!!!

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