Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3 Training - Post Report

Super outdated entry but oh well... ;P

Only managed to run twice only last week (on my Happymill), as I was still recovering from the Newton run and that my legs were making 'popping' sounds at the usual areas... Blaming it on the killer hills!!! So didn't wanna 'overwork' my legs though...

1) Friday  - 3.5km
2) Sunday - 6km

But I did a lot walking around the malls last week as per my previous post, so that could be counted as workouts :P

Gotta start packing and prep myself for Melbourne this weekend!!!

Super nervous as the thought of not finishing my first full marathon has been lingering on my mind... Gotta stay positive! :)


  1. You will do just fine! Have a great one!

  2. Stay positive always :) U'll finish it, believe me. The race is too expensive not to.
    I feel ur anxiety. Been there, done that. But hey, u r not the only one there. Do your best, finish with a bang and return to KL with a smile, a wide one!

  3. damn you run?!?!? holy shit that's sexy!

  4. jamie: i hope so! thanks! :)

    khairul: hahaha... maybe I should think that way then.. thanks for the motivation! needed it! :)

    david: haha..i did tell you before.. tak pay attention la tu :P