Friday, October 15, 2010

10 things on why Melbourne rocks! :)

Well, I know that I can list more than 10 since I was staying here for 6 years previously but it is my favourite number and that I only have a limited time on using the Internet here at the moment... ;)

Please note that the list is in random order...

1. You can run or walk anywhere here all by yourself without feeling that somebody's going to rob or kidnap you... Seriously, I feel really safe here...

2. Public transportations here are awesome and super reliable!!! Me love the trams!!!

3. Chocolates and cakes are heavenly here... Bliss!!!

4. The weather is unpredictable, but you'll get super nice ones during autumn or spring...

5. You'll get to wear jackets and cardigans when it's cold without your armpits sweating all over the place :P

6. Healthy food is easily accessible and quite reasonably priced here...

Brown rice sushi!!! Super yummy!!!

7. Halal meats here are like WAYYYYYYYY cheaper than in KL... (Ox tongue aka lidah costs about AUD5 (RM15) and that Lungs aka paru-paru is about AUD4 (RM12))!!!

8. There are just so many beautiful parks here for you to spoil your running shoes ;)

9. I love how there always concerts, festivals, musicals or theaters going on here... Just watched Hairspray last night and I couldn't believe that one of THE best R&B singers, Tevin Campbell was part of the cast!!! Woohooooo!!! Well, If you don't know who he is, check out this video below:

10. The local clothing brands here are really good... My favs are Sportsgirl and Bettina Liano... And not to mention, there are so many running goods here... Just found out that there's a 2XU's factory outlet store...  Choices oh choices!!! ;)

I haven't been running since the marathon since it has been raining everyday here... My recovery from the marathon was quite a breeze since I was walking a lot here after the marathon... Alhamdulillah for that... :) I hope the weather will be better tomorrow so that I could run at one of the beautiful parks here for the next couple of days...

Oh, and I just found out that my finisher medal will be posted to my home address in KL... Yayyyyyy and can't wait for it to be in my hands!!! :)

And here's my downloaded certificate for the marathon....

Pretty neat huh? :)

Hope that everyone will have a good weekend!!! :)


  1. Hi Nana,

    Where's the 2xu factory outlet?

    I watched Hairspray on sun. didnt know that was Tevin Campbell. I like his songs.


  2. haha, i remember tevin campbell..brings me back to my teenage days,,hihi

  3. Wow!!
    Way to go!!
    Really enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing.

  4. kk: it was at south wharf, near crown casino... just found out about the store like 2 days ago! hairspray was awesome!i didn't know til i was flipping through the program book! i love his songs too!

    julin: i know right!!! awesome singer he is!

    nathan: no worries and thanks for visiting my blog! :)