Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back From The Lull

Hello cyberworld!!! ;)

I feel that it has been ages since I wrote any post on my blog...

Have been back from Melbourne for almost a week already... It was a good getaway for me as I needed to clear my head besides running the marathon...

And since my laptop is kaput at the moment, have to borrow my dad's when he feels like it... :P (Love you Dadaa!)

There are exciting plans that I'm looking forward to here and I shall share one by one as we go along yeah...

So, I am BACK!!! ;)


  1. welcome back :)
    R u running Trailblazer this weekend?

  2. that's it? .... after this long of silence ... :)

  3. rayzeef: thanks! and sayang i'm not! registration was full when i wanted to join :( all the best and have fun! :)

    ian: hehe... curi2 use the laptop, hence the super short update ;)