Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Marathon Photo

Hey peeps!

Thought of purchasing my first marathon picture taken by the guys at as a sentimental keep so that one day I could share this with my running son or daughter insyaAllah ;)

Here are the options:

athlete photo
Option 1: Keeping it cool :P

athlete photo
Option 2: Happy to be in the stadium!

athlete photo
Option 3: Still happily running at the first 21km

athlete photo
Option 4: The jumping pose ;)

athlete photo
Option 5: Crossing the finish line

Help me decide please peeps? Appreciate it :)

Good luck to everyone that will be trailblazing at Genting Highlands this weekend... Wish I was there :(

And all the best to my two fellow running friends who'll be running the Athens Classic Marathon, Luyen and Chun... 

With Luyen and Chun last month at the Newton KL Challenge Run...
Make us proud there guys!!! HOOYAH!!! :)

My running friends and I will be running in Klang this Sunday for the New Balance Klang Pacers 12km Run for It 2010 event... 

Have a good running weekend y'all!!! :)


  1. Hi MsRR,

    Well done and congratulations again.

    Take option 5 - the photo contains the finishing line, the time and there are enough 'markings' to indicate it was done at Australia without having to say it!

    Cheers! Chris

  2. I'd say just get all of them. I like the jumping pose and the finish line pic too.

  3. ian: hehe... the standard tourist pose :P thanks! :)

    rayzeef: thought of that pic too... thanks for the vote! :)

    chris: good point... thanks for the vote! :)

    khairul: not that cheap to buy all... hehe... so maybe i'll just get two.. thanks! :)

  4. Wow! Thanks girl. I checked out your Dailymile and saw your blog link. Thanks for your well wishes, you've brought us luck. Your marathon pics look awesome BTW.

  5. luyen: you're welcome and can't wait to see the awesome pics soon! :)