Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

I usually feel super 'moist' when I've done one of my running workouts....

Even before I run, I usually grease myself up with these 2 items on my skin so that Mr Sunny won't be able to go through my skin:
- Vaseline
- Sunblock

And not to forget, Vaseline lip balm for my lips...

Most of us runners know for a fact that it's a standard practice to put on lots of Vaseline before running to avoid any nasty chaffing that may occur on our body... Even adidas had an ad to prove this back in 1999:

After running your heart out, nothing beats a cold shower to moisten yourself up! ;)

I have a sensitive skin, so it requires me naturally to slab on lotion onto my body on a daily basis to avoid any dryness or itchiness when I'm out and about...  Especially when I'm working out!

So, when I heard from NuffNang that Vaseline has launched a new range of body lotion that caters to different skin needs, I was ecstatic!

And I quickly bought the Total Moisture one at Guardian since I like to experiment on products and want to provide the best care to largest organ of my body! :)

The new body lotion range from Vaseline: Total Moisture, Healthy White, Aloe Cool and Fresh & Intensive Rescue

I have to say that the lotion leaves my skin feeling moisturised, smooth and soft... Oh, and that the smell is pretty yummy with its combination of soya and oat extracts... :)

Will definitely try out the other 3 lotions when this one runs out...

Now, I know for sure that I am and will be moist enough before AND after running...

And that I now celebrate my amazing skin with Vaseline everyday, even when I'm sweating it out :)

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