Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another great companion for running by Sony

Yesterday, I was surfing the Sony website as I was doing a proposal on prizes for a contest for a client of mine...

In December 2009, I got myself this baby below to accompany me when I'm running:

The wireless MP3 walkman!

And this baby has been supergood to me :) Plus it motivates me to run faster...

(Apparently, studies have shown that if you listen to music while you're working out, you tend to perform much better (according to a write-up in Women's Health Magazine))

But then, I saw this baby yesterday on the site:

It's a bloggie!!!

You can record everything as it has a 360-degree video feature and you can even take pictures (5 Mega Pixel) with it! But, the cool thing about bloggie is that:

It has a built-in USB connector!!! 

Major brownie points to Sony for this innovative product! :D

This will be another perfect companion for me to 'camwhore' while I'm running... :P

It's retailed at RM899... 

Soooo going to get this baby soon! 

*But wishing that someone out there would buy me one! Heh!*


  1. cool gadget. That will be a perfect gift for my birthday ... :)
    p/s - ineteresting blog. definitely will be in my blogroll.

  2. Ian: It is! Gotta save up to get this baby soon! Oh and thanks! :)