Tuesday, May 11, 2010

running cleanses the mind and body

My post title above is a tagline from ASICS' latest global campaign which was launched earlier this year...

I saw the ads while flipping through my Women's Health magazine...

And the tagline speaks for every runner out there...

All elements of the campaign focuses on the transformative power of running... Burdened by the countless negative influences that weigh us down each day, each runner the campaign demonstrates how negativity can be cleansed through running... (Taken from here)

Here are the print ads:

This ad uses -ve adjectives such as worry, doubt or stress

This ad uses -ve adjectives such as rage, sadness or insecurity

Kudos to ASICS for this brilliant campaign!

You can check out the entire campaign here

I wish I could just run all the time... 


  1. Yes running does help me destress and relax as well. Thanks for sharing.