Friday, August 20, 2010

My Running Partner

When I'm not running on my treadmill at home, I usually run at TTDI park with:



Mr Adabi :P

It's fun and motivational to run with a partner... You'll forget that you are there to train for your next run/half marathon/marathon knowing that you have someone running with you and have such fun conversing with them while running (at times)... 

Hence, today I will be sharing a campaign that was done by Asics in 2007 called "My Running Partner" :)

My Running Partner has eight arms
My running partner has eight arms (referring to the four people rowing in the background)

My Running Partner makes me carry two plastic bags
My running partner makes me run with two plastic bags (referring to the dog and its activities)

My Running Partner is my evil twin
My running partner is my evil twin

My Running Partner and I have never met
My running partner and I have never met 
Pics taken from here

You can check out and join their website called Your Running Partner, where it's a community of 6 runner-bloggers that will help you with anything to do with running... 

If any one of you out there are thinking about running for the first time, grab a friend or your lover or your dad/mom to run with you at the park... (I used to drag my dad to jog with me at the park a few years back :P) 

Trust me, it'll be much easier than running on your own when you've just started ;)

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. Oh, u r also a TTDI park regular runner?
    .. samalah kita.. (me only on weekends)

  2. nik: not really regular, ada season sikit :P hehe... hope to see you during the weekend soon!