Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun!

My bestie in Melbourne, Dhitry bb-ed me and told me that this has arrived in her mailbox:

My first marathon running bib has arrived! *Gulp*

And I realised that I have 58 more days to train 'til THE DAY... *Gulp*  

Well, NO excuses from now onwards!!!

Will definitely going to push myself and train hard for this insyaAllah... Even throughout this month...

Dear God, I hope that You will give me the strength to train and run as much as I can during this holy month, pretty pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! :S


  1. carpe diem...go for it and don't forget to take lotsa pictures :)

  2. rayzeef: thanks and will do on the pics :)

  3. cool :) all the best! ..... how does your training program looks like during ramadhan?

  4. ian: thanks! hurmm... trying to run at least 4 times a week (after terawih) since i prolly need to clock in about 40-50 clicks a week (that's the target!) and weight training at least twice a week... enough tak? :)