Saturday, August 7, 2010

Project Mount Kinabalu - Part 1

Day 1 - Kota Kinabalu town, y'all!

About half of us decided to go and spend the day at the KK town to indulge ourselves (carboloading la kononnya) before our climbs...

All of us stayed at Imperial Boutec Hotel at Warisan Square...

Got this flyer while waiting for the lift to get to the lobby:

Only in KK: You can get Bekini Waxing k :P

The room was not bad, our view was quite unique:

View filled with polka dots! Don't pray2 :P

We had lunch at the mall next to our hotel and we realised that everyone here LOVES to eat chicken rice! At it was super reasonably priced... It was only RM2.80! Decided to try one and this is how it looks like:

It has been a while since I've eaten food in the styrofoam container :P

Then, we decided to check out the Philippines Market which is like a 10-min walk from our hotel...

We did more than checking out over there and pretty much spent an hour in the market buying crystal bracelets and brooches as our 'ole-ole' for the ones in Semenanjung M'sia...

Us with our buys for our friends and relatives...

Superhuge fish!

We noticed that there were a lot of child labour activities going on at the market. It was just so sad to see how the kids were willing to do just about anything to get a ringgit from the market goers:

After rested for about an hour or so, we decided to go out and have seafood as our dinner back at the Philippines Market around 8pm...

Our yummylicious dinner - Grilled in style baybeh! ;)

Does anybody know what that beautiful fish in the middle is?

Genius! Ice cream ALWAYS helps! :)

Day 2: Depart to Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, Mesilau Nature Resort

All of us woke up early to have brekkie and a few of us (including myself) headed to the Philippines market to buy dried anchovies and salted fishes (anything when it comes to habiskan duit :P) to bring back to KL...

I went back to the hotel room immediately to shower and pack up whilst the rest went to buy half of the supermarket to stock up for our climb the next day... :P

While waiting for our ride...
Pic credits to Rosey

The ride took us about 2 hours to reach to KK park to get our climbing permits... Of course, while waiting for our organiser Ili to collect them, we camwhored:

BF and I - Pointing out on where we'll be the next day (Laban Rata)

The resort is located about 15 mins away (by car) from KK Park...

All of us in a pic! :)

Will stay here ONE day! ;)

We had to climb up to get to our cabins!

Oprah ladies to conquer Mt. Kinabalu! 
Pics credit to Rosey

The resort is pretty neat... Each cabin has 3 rooms so six of us can fit into one cabin...

Since we didn't have lunch, we decided to eat at the one and only restaurant there... The weather was just nice... And it started to rain when we were ordering our food... The food was yummy though we had to wait for a while...

Shaz and I

We had an additional guest below the table! :)

Happy tummy = happy picture ;)

The boys doing a boyband pose :P


That's where we'll be on Tuesday morning!

After that, we decided to rest for a while at our respective room and take out the things that we plan to climb with before dinner time...

The bootcampers were donned in the OBC t-shirts for the steamboat dinner:


Yummy and healthy dinner! ;)

After dinner, we had a short briefing from Abe Yaz on the first climb the next day...

Next: Day 3 & 4 - The Climbs

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