Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still Feeling High From Ipoh :)

Sharing a pic of myself running towards the finish line at Ipoh International Run:

I was screaming and jumping like a hyper kid... Hair was flying...Hehe...
I think that's why the cop at the back was staring :P
Pic credits to Su

I actually had a superb time running on my own (and without music!) in Ipoh... 

Try out this run next year k peeps? :)

Now, must think of a pose when I complete my Melbourne Marathon... Suggestions? ;)


  1. how about jumping mid air :P

    hey ilyanna, thanks for the siemens bib btw. hehe.


  2. ira: hehe.. i did it in ipoh but no one managed to capture that coz i couldn't stop jumping :P

    no worries on the siemens bib, how did you do btw? :)

  3. hi, i was bloghopping and found yours..

    i do really envy you because you can run and run without feeling bored whatsoever, as for me, i can only run on the treadmill twice a week. I'd get bored easily... *sigh*

    any advice on how NOT to find reasons to skip running... Heeeee...

  4. baybe foxx: hello there! well, i usually imagine a lot when i'm running... hehe... random thoughts usually...

    and i keep telling myself that if i want a body like nicole sherzinger of pussycat dolls or jillian michaels, i gotta work for it... so that's the push... ;)

    and you gotta kuatkan your mind when it comes to the end of the day, i'm always looking forward to feeling the 'high' from completing a run... :)

    go run at the park with your partner or friends... it's so much better to run at the park... i wish i could do that, but my work schedule permits me to run on treadmill most of the time..

    oh, and music helps a lot too when you're running! :)

    hope the above would help you to not skip running!

    ps: interesting blog you have there ;)

  5. thanks for the tips! i do run with music though, it's the only thing that can make me stay on the treadmill longer! heee.. and i think one of the things that make me so susah to run is because i only run on the treadmill, so it gets really boring when u have to stare at the same thing everyday! i need to run at the park eh?

    my blog is not that interesting. you might fall asleep while reading it. =P

  6. baybe foxx: well, if you have to run on the treadmill most of the time, then i guess just distract yourself and imagine.. i usually imagine the things i would do after the run, yummy food, or even when i'm running for a half mara or run... ;)