Monday, July 5, 2010

Quote of the day

"The music of a marathon is a powerful strain, one of those tunes of glory. It asks us to forsake pleasures, to discipline the body, to find courage, to renew faith and to become's own person, utterly and completely."

-The late Dr. George Sheehan, author and runner - 

Couldn't agree more with the quote above... :)

I have to say that a part of who or what I am today has been shaped by my years of running... 

Hehe... I'm sounding like a veteran... 

But then again, I have been running since I was 10 years old ;)

Can't wait to experience my first marathon in December insyaAllah...

Happy Monday everyone! :)


  1. another beautiful quote, you're full of quote aren't you? still waiting for your very own quote..

    FMV at PBIM? all the best and gud luck :)

  2. rayzeef: thanks! i like reading and collecting quotes :) maybe i'll do/create one soon ;)

    no, fmv at standard chartered marathon singapore... and thanks! will need a lot of the luck! :)

  3. thanks for the beautiful quote, very inspirational :)

    btw, have you done your itinerary, booked you accommodation and transportation? i'm going to SCMS to experience what is like to be running in a IAAF Road Race Silver Label Events :D

  4. firewire: don't know where did your comments go, must've gotten lost in the cyberspace after i've clicked to publish them :S

    you're welcome on the quote :) i try to be positive and optimistic in life through all these quotes :)

    and about singapore...i haven't done any bookings yet..prolly do it in this your first time running at this event? :)

  5. Yeah, this will be my 1st time running at SCMS and I heard good reviews about it. I was pretty trilled to find out that there were being awarded/certified for IAAF Road Race Silver Label Events, I guess I can expect a much better experience in SCMS compare to SCKLM.

    How about you? Did you participate in the Singapore Marathon last year end? :D

    PS: I can see my own comment and your reply, duno what happened to the other 2 comments :S

  6. firewire: good to know that you're running at scms ;) this will be my 2nd time running at that event, ran the half marathon last year.. and yes.. it's so much better running overthere, most of the roads were there wasn't any car allowed to enter those roads... so less pollution and cleaner air ;) plus the water station's at every 1.5km... ;) are you doing full or half? i can see our comments but don't know what happened to the previous 2 comments.. error error! ;P

  7. I don't really train so much to run 21 or 42KM yet. So I'll be doing 10KM this year. Trying to improve my PB to 45 minutes if possible. Currently I can only make it 56 minutes for 10KM :D

  8. firewire: oh okay...all the best! you should join in the half and the full one soon ;) (btw, it's a good timing for 10km!)