Monday, July 12, 2010

The Climb

For an upcoming project that I'm about to embark on at the end of the month, I decided to climb the 272 steps at Batu Caves with one of my penyeris, Shaz...

Shaz and I before climbing
She was already climbing when I was on the way to BC! She'll be joining me as well for the project! ;)

I have been wanting to go there as I've been recommended by friends to train there...

It's funny how the place is like 25 mins away from my house and it was my first time setting my foot on one of the tourist spots... (Note to self: Must visit more local attractions! Well, the worthy ones :P)

I was still having my usual back pains... And I'm beginning to notice that I will have one a week after a run or race ;( Need to do something about it... So, decided to take it easy while climbing up the steps...

The start of the climb...

Come on Shazzy! ;)

Ready to take on the challenge!

View from the top!

There weren't a lot of people at that time when we were climbing... Saw a couple of runners (coz they were wearing running shoes DU-UH!!!) training there as well...

Of course we were accompanied by these creatures:

The ganas monyets :P
Note: Don't ever carry any food or drinks when walking up/down the steps...
They will eventually hunt you down til they get it! Literally!

It was almost 7pm, so decided to stop the workout for the day... (Plus takut duduk kat situ 'til Maghrib time :P)

I managed to climb up the steps for 5 consecutive rounds! :D

The best thing is, my legs have never felt so much sexier after the climb eventhough my legs were like Jell-Os after each climb... Hehe...

Trying to keep a straight face :P

Super sweaty after the session!
Wearing one of my fav motive tees from Nike... 
The copy: Behind every great man is a woman who's about to pass him ;P

Trained in my new New Balance Off-Road shoes!

World's Tallest Murugan Statue in the background y'all!

Beautiful sunset with flying kites on the way home...
Will definitely visit this park @ Kepong for a run!

Of course, I gained back all of the calories burned at Batu Caves during dinnertime:

Yummy nasi daun pisang @ Khanna Curry House, SS2

My bestie was supposed to join for the climb :P
Makan pun jadi la :P

Still smelly from the climb! :P

Happy with my food!!!

Paul, meet Mani... Mani, meet Paul :P

I will definitely go back to Batu Caves to train for my full marathon soon!

Oh, congrats to all of the runners that completed the Seremban Half Marathon yesterday! I'll join next year, insyaAllah :)

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