Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Melbourne Marathon 101010 *Latest Update*

Remember my previous post about the above mentioned marathon?

Well, my Oprah lady Rosey and I have decided to join the marathon...

And I will be doing my first full marathon at this event!!!

Can't seem to find the latest logo for this year's marathon...
You can check it out at www.melbournemarathon.com.au


I am super nervous yet excited for this marathon, since it's going to be my first ever marathon AND that I'll be running outside of South East Asia...

I have 81 days 'til the race day...

So, my training will start from today onwards!!!

Still can't believe that I will be doing 2 full marathons this year... I super hope that I'm ready for them insyaAllah...

To the marathoners out there, tips and guides are very much welcomed now...

Thanks you! :D :D :D

PS: I REALLY need to find a side income to accommodate my running trips... Anybody can help out there? ;)


  1. hey good luck, i think you're super ready..

    just keep those weekly mileage in checks plus the LSD in the weekend..

  2. Well well, I really do admire you for your bravery :D

    About side income, maybe you can try washing cars or get sponsorship from your bf? lol

    Anyway, all the best to you! Good luck, have fun!

  3. rayzeef: thank you for the luck and the tips! :) i hope i'll be disciplined with my trainings ;)

    firewire: washing cars? hmmm... not too sure about that.. and i'd like to use my own money, so no sponsorship from the bf ;) thanks for the suggestions... and the luck too! hope to meet you soon :)

  4. Hi Ms Road Runner, have u tried triathlon before? Happy training for your first marathon.

  5. kam: hello there! never tried before... thinking of trying out for one once i've a couple of marathons under my belt :) any tips? ;)

  6. You don't have to run marathon to try triathlon. Can start with shorter distance like Sprint before going to Olympic distance. If you crazy enough... maybe can do half Ironman or full Ironman distance in the future?
    Kash just did her first OD in PD last week.

  7. kam: well, triathlon has always been on my to-do list ;) there goes my money :P yeah i read her blog... one day :)