Monday, May 30, 2011

THE Proposals

Happy Monday everyone!

I think all of you should check out this superduper epic yet sweet proposal that was done by this American guy:

Awwwwww!!! I am sure all of you girls out there (including myself) would love to be in her shoes right? ;)

I guess he really loves his girl a lot to do this eyyy... :)

Here's another one for my running friends out there:

See, you can even propose before completing your marathon...  ;)

So guys, please take note and be creative when you propose to your girl yeah? After all, she's going to be your everything for the rest of your life after that... ;)


  1. Nana, the proposal must be made before. I repeat, BEFORE. Coz badan berbau. Betul tak? Haha.

  2. ka: maybe in KL.. but i think it's better to do it during so that the surprise element is there, just like the clip ;) but i guess he must've carried a body spray ;P