Friday, May 20, 2011

The Day I Got Bella-fied :)

Shanaz and I were asked about a week ago to talk about the upcoming Standard Chartered KL Marathon and running on Bella show, and both of us agreed to it thinking that it was going to pre-recorded...

But we found out a few days before the show that it was actually a LIVE talk show!!!

So, you could imagine the nerves and 'jitters' that we both had in the morning before coming live on air...

The set at the studio... 

30 mins before the show....
Wearing the SCKLM tee.... 

After the cameras started rolling, we both started to settle in and got comfortable with our seats and talked like there's no tomorrow... Hehe...

There were blur and funny moments but I think we did quite alright considering that this is our first ever appearance together on TV... :)

Shots during the interview:

Shot by one of our running friends, Izuan :) 

Another shot taken by my sister :) 

Of course, we were also lucky to be interviewed by one of the gorgeous ladies in Malaysia that made us feel 'at home' on the set:

Daphne Iking with her 2 guests ;)

I would like to thank Rainer Biemens of Golazo for giving both Shanaz and I this rare opportunity to appear on TV yesterday morning... :)

And of course, my friends for being supportive yesterday with the tweets and kind messages on my Facebook...

You can watch us here at: tonton-home-channels-ntv7-bella-episode 115 - Bella - Episode 115


By the way, if you haven't registered for Standard Chartered KL Marathon, please do so.... Registration ends in 2 weeks time (31 May) and it's definitely going to be a massive party for us runners!!! Well, at least for my friends and I... ;)

So, come and join us!!! :)

Hmmm... Thinking of what's next in store for us then... ;)

Have a good weekend everyone! :D


  1. after watching the show ( ), you seemed to be shy and nervous. on the other hand, Shanaz is stealing the limelight! haha :D

  2. firewire: well i had my moments what... ;) hehe... was nervous, but am glad that it went well.. thanks for watching! :)

  3. Hey.. just saw this nana.. :-) you did well on TV! Well done.

  4. abe yaz: awww thank you so much! and thanks for the support! i need to get back into COBC!!!