Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ciao Bella :)

If you readers are at home or have TV at work, do catch Shanaz and I tomorrow morning on ntv7...

We are going to be featured tomorrow on:

Yeap... We are going to be interviewed by one of the gorgeous ladies above on Bella talk show TOMORROW morning!!!

Both of us are going to talk about the upcoming Standard Chartered KL Marathon...

And of course, running from our perspectives! :D 

I am supernervous for tomorrow as it will be my first live interview ever on TV!!! 

But insyaAllah, things will turn out good and breezy since I'll be talking about one of the things that I am passionate about in my life :) 

Will definitely blog about this exciting experience... 

So, wish us luck and watch us at 11:30am! ;)  


  1. Wow! congratulation on your first TV appearance. Do speak for all our local runners about our need for a world-class organisation of local races. Make the audiences esp. the government and corporates too see the business potential from organising international std. running races. All the best, will you be wearing your running gears and all the medals you have acumulated so far? ;-)

  2. Amboi...amboi! Gediks on TV. Wajib ditonton :-)

  3. Aisay Kak June miss laa cos am away, Ada ulangan ke??

  4. rizal: thank you! we didn't really touch on that issue, maybe the next appearance, if there is ;) hehe... and yeah i did wear my runningskirt and skins yesterday :)

  5. ka: haha.. kena la spread the 'virus' around a bit ;P

    kak june: i've just uploaded the YouTube video at the next post for you to watch ;)