Friday, April 9, 2010

You will forget that...'ve been working for almost 3 years at this tiny but wholesome advertising agency when you have these people around you...

When I was getting ready for work, my boss texted me saying that there was a last min new biz meeting that will be happening at The Curve... Since it was a Friday and was planning to wear my jeans, I quickly changed into a more 'office' look...

Debuting my lovely wedges from Vincci+ ;)

Came to the office this morning and my cubicle was 'messed' up, thanks to my colleagues :P:

Siap ada note from Clarissa.. Kurengs!!! :P

It has been a crazy week at work and I had to quickly do as much as I can before rushing to the meeting... And we were 'late' because we had a meeting at the office prior to that...

So, my boss drove us to The Curve.. And he was telling me that we were going to do a lunch meeting at Little Penang Cafe since it was already 1pm...

So, when we were walking towards the restaurant, my boss suddenly walked into another restaurant called Bumbu Desa and I was puzzled...

Little did I know.... I was walking into my surprise birthday lunch with my colleagues!!!


Pictures from the surprised lunch:

My birthday cupcakes from Cupcake Chic! :)

The culprit (on the left) :P

Got the entire troop from Bumbu Desa to sing for me :P

The supercute card from the team :)

Thanks to Clarissa and Juliet for getting me the denim dress and necklace!!! Superliking it!!! :)

You guys have ignited my birthday mood!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much :) :) :)


  1. alaa, your colleagues so sweet la... seriously.. and ur boss too.. hehe.. i'm sure it was all wonderful. Happy birthday to u babe.

  2. yeah they are.. i think we all needed it considering the crazy weeks that we've been going through.. thanks for the wish izrin! see you soon! :)