Thursday, April 15, 2010

Balik Kampung - Places

So, I recently went to Melbourne for a good 10 days, as I've not been on a long holiday from work since July last year... 

I was studying in Melbourne for six years previously... Parents decided to ship me out of KL straight away after my O-Levels...

Did my Foundation at Taylors College, Degree at Monash University and Masters at RMIT University.. Gila college hopping! ;)

Anyways... I will blog about my trip into 3 or 4 parts, and this will be Part #1.. Which is about the places that I went to with my family...

Most of the time we were in the city or at a mall coz all we ever wanted to do is shop... (Poor Dadaa! :P) But we managed to go to these 2 places which I've never been to when I was studying in Melbourne.. *malu*:

1. Weribee Open Range Zoo

Decided to take my nephew, his mommy and my dad to the open range zoo on day #4, which is a 30-min drive from the city...

We arrived at the place at around 2:15pm... 

Entrance to the zoo

We bought the 2:50pm ride so that gave us about half an hour or so to grab a quick lunch at the bistro....

While waiting for the bus:

Me with Ibrahim and my SIL, Kak Aida 

Dadaa and I

The bus came at about 2:55pm... There were only us and a couple for this trip...

Amazing animals that we saw were:

Wondering what they were up to? :P

My fave animal was:

Tony the Giraffe!!! So cutee!!!

Regretted that I didn't bring the huge lens to Melbie to capture the animals :(

The ride took about 45 minutes...

Then we decided to talk a walk around the zoo to see these animals:

I was tempted to kidnap the meercat!!! Too cute!!!

Apparently they kill humans more than crocodiles or snakes in a year.. Scary.. 

Cute signs around the zoo: 

You wouldn't want to be eaten by a hippo right? :S

2. Brighton Beach

We went there after my mummy's birthday lunch in the city... 

They have over 100 plus multicolour tiny houses aka sheds and each 'shed' had its own design...

Apparently, the price to own one is about AUD20,000!!! So pricey for a tiny house!!!

But still, they're oh-so-colourful-and-nice:

Mum and Bijan

Cousin Myra and I 

With my fav no. house! ;)

Kisses to *ahem*'s birthdate  ;)

Stay tuned for Part #2 of my Melbourne trip.. :)

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