Friday, April 23, 2010

Balik Kampung - Family, Friends & Shopping

Spending time with my family for 10 days was refreshing! ;) 

Back in KL, we hardly spend time with each other due to my work + love commitments :P

So it was wonderful to have my mom cooking for us, seeing my dad looking so relaxed with his cigar, having late night talks with my SIL, spending time with my nephew, and also to see my sister being so girly with her buys :)

And of course, my brother flew from Brissy to spend the weekend with us...

Here are a couple of pictures of my family and I:

With Kak Aida Long, Myra and Mummy

With Ibrahim Zenki

With Bijan wearing my early birthday present to him ;)

With Lea

With Kak Aida Long and Lea

With Dadaa

Mummy wearing our birthday gift to her ;)

Spent good quality time with my baby cousin, Myra aka Myrtum who's currently working over there... She was staying over our apartment during our stay in Melbourne, and she accompanied me to all of my shopping trips.. Hehe...

Myra and I 
She keeps on wearing summer clothes when it was pretty chilly... So Aussiefied! :P

Moving on, I made a lot of friends when I was studying in Melbourne (especially the Indonesians, gotta be in touch with my keturunan... Hehe...), and two of them have become my best friends :)

Pic was taken a few days before I flew back to KL for good...

Most of my friends are already back in their respective countries and working/married/getting hitched/having kids...

But I managed to catch up with a couple of them who doesn't want to leave Melbourne just yet :P:

My girlies: Lyta, Lya and Dhitry (my woman!)
We met immediately for dinner on my 1st day! We've been friends for 6 years already! Heart them! 

With my woman!

They're the funkiest and trendiest sisters I've ever met :)

Even bumped into cute Amy on her bike from work... Me like her basikal!!! 

Even managed to play futsal with the Malays and 1 Indo... :P I had so much fun playing with these girls since I haven't played futsal for months already... I needed the workout since I was eating so much during my trip... 

Muka serious (except for Ashurara...forever happy :P)

Muka-muka candid kononnya...

Lastly, shopping was my favourite activity when I was in Melbie! :)

Though it was Autumn at that time, the stores were pretty much selling summer-ish clothes... Super yay-ness to me!!!

My buys from the trip all consolidated in a pixxie:

Not that over right? I think I shopped wisely this time around ;)
Got myself the new Italy World Cup jersey... Forza Azzurris!!!
And a Mimco red leather bag at 30% off! Woohoo!!! 

Highlights from my shopping trips:

Going crazy over the lingerie sale at Myer, my fave department store! 30% off on everything!!!

My SIL made me buy this pair of adidas by Stella McCartney white shorts! 
Will debut these shorts soon! ;)

This is me = super satisfied + tired after buying everything on my shopping list! ;)

This post concludes my 10-day to Melbourne earlier this month... Will definitely stay for 2 weeks - a month on my next trip to my 'kampung' again!

Should I go to Melbourne in October and run for the Melbourne Marathon since AirAsia's having a fantastic deal at the moment? It's RM744++ for a return ticket... Help me decide pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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