Saturday, April 17, 2010

Balik Kampung - Food

I gained 5 kilos during my first year in Melbourne... It may not seem a lot, but it is for someone who's only 5 feet and 2 inches... Hehe... And when I came back at the end of that year, my late atok told me that I was fat.. Hah..

So, I had a love-hate relationship with my body when I was there because of the YUMMY FOOD... And I became more adventurous with food when I was in Melbie... (I started dipping chips with chilli sauce or mayonnaise only when I was Melbie! :P) You name it la: Asian, Italian, Australian?, Greek, Mediterranean.. All of it... Especially the desserts!!! Oh em gee!!! So delicious!!! Couldn't resist them even when I was being health-conscious and started joining the gym over there 5 years ago... 

So, obviously when I was in Melbourne, I did manage to fulfil pretty much everything my foodlist...

I'll let the pictures do the talking for this entry ;)

Belgian Waffle with Nutella

Koko Black's Belgian Hot Choc

Koko Black's Belgian Spoil

Yummy fried quails

The infamous Il Dolce Freddo's Rocher and Mango Gelati

One of a kind: Kanpai's Mixed Teppanyaki

Max Brenner's Chocolate Pizza with a Crunch!

Blue Train Cafe's Signature Dessert: Banana Caramel with Cream and Ice Cream

About to eat Laurent's Chocolate Eclair

Menya's Gyu Tan Don

Chicken Parmi

1 dozen of Fresh Oysters from Victoria Market

KFC's Chicken Salt Chips

Waterfront's Lobster Thermidor

Waterfront's Rib Eye 

You seeeeee!!! How can you not get 'thin' over there... ;P

After 10 days in Melbourne, I think I've added all the 'layers' that I've lost from running and bootcamp... Erk!!!

Just wanted to end this post with a pic of my cheeky nephew. He basically dismantled a kepala ikan during one of our dinners...

So happy that he 'destroyed' the fish's head!


  1. When I was in UK, i eat like there's no tomorrow..tapi tak segemok kat sini...compared to when i am here, makan control giler... tapi...... Tuhan jer tahu nak lose 1 kg tu satu penyiksaan..

  2. i'm with you on this izrin!!! i guess coz the ingredients lain kot kat sini and we are exposed to oily/greasy food.. plus we only experience 1 type of weather.. and i'm guessing that you did walk a lot in uk as compared to here kan?

    my weight's currently sama macam masa my first year in Melbie...memang susah gila nak lose weight kat sini, even with my running/bootcamping.. ke we're getting older that our metabolism rate is declining at a rapid rate?! Hmmm...