Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Says You Can't Run Even When You're 9 Months Pregnant?!

Personally, I wouldn't think about running when I'm in my final trimester... But crazy mad RESPECT for Amber Miller for doing accomplishing such feat at last Sunday's Chicago Marathon!!! :) 

Here's her story:

After few hours after she completed the marathon on Sunday, Amber Miller gave birth to her daughter, June Audra (abc News image)
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Amber Miller found completing the Chicago Marathon on Sunday a laborious feat — that's because she went into labour shortly after crossing the finish line and gave birth to a daughter hours later.
From her hospital bed, Miller, of DuPage County in Illinois, told the Daily Herald she took on the 42.2-kilometre challenge because her doctor said she could run half the race and then walk the rest of the way.
Miller, who was 38 weeks and five days into her pregnancy, told the newspaper she felt "something" as she crossed the finish line in less than 6½ hours, at around 3:30 p.m. local time.

"A few minutes after I crossed through the finish chute, the contractions were coming a little stronger than I was used to," she told the Daily Herald on the phone from her hospital bed. "That’s when I figured out what was going on."

Miller said she would feel contractions while running during both her pregnancies.

But after the marathon Sunday, the contractions were more regular, so she stopped and grabbed a sandwich and then went to the hospital.

"It was the longest day of my life," she said.

Her daughter, June, was born after two hours and 18 minutes of labour, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

Defending champion Liliya Shobukhova of Russia captured the women's portion of the race featuring 45,000 runners in 2:18:20. Her time is the fastest for a woman in the world this year.

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  1. this is awesome.. my wife will run for Pink Charity Run this month and she is 6 month pregnant..

    Ada doktor xkasi.. ada doktor kasi.. i beliave it up to mom itself..