Monday, October 24, 2011

Tribute #1

"Most of us get high aiming for a faster marathon while gunning for that top level spot in our corporate day job. For some of us, we move along at our own pace and sometimes still struggling to find relevance in what we do. There is a place for everyone in Paradise as someone commented on my Facebook status. But more importantly - you have to strive to sleep enough, eat well, workout more, work smart and Godwilling you'll be healthier and happier. And that is not an overrated phrase either."

- The late Kharis Idris @ TSB -

Taken from his blog here... 

Thought of sharing excerpts from his blog before it gets lost or disappeared... He used to excitedly tell me his latest post before it gets published and shared to everyone...  

The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup yesterday... He must be smiling :) 

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