Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Balance Real Run Singapore

With only less than 3 hours of sleep and still feeling supertired from TNF50km, the Gs and I contemplated whether to run our 10km recovery run or not... But since it was just a few days after Azu aka Apprentice's birthday, we thought of dedicating and also run with her since it was going to be her first Singapore run... So thoughtful kan Apprentice even though you're like you-know-what... :P

And it was also my first time running a back-to-back races on a weekend! ;)

We woke up at 430am (yawn), got ready and left to the Changi Exhibition Centre... Mind you, this was the same venue for the infamous Sundown Marathon that I ran my first 10km event 3 years ago...

The Gs and I in polka dotty running skirts ;)
Pic credits to Selly

We were flagged off at 7am... I wanted to take it easy for this run since I was feeling pretty sleepy and tired... But at the same time I just couldn't wait to cross the line (again!)... Oh, the drama I have with myself :P

They didn't call it Real Run for nothing alright! Served me right for not checking out the website on the course.. It was actually a 2km run on the trail, 1.5km run on the sand, and 6.5km run on the road!!! As if running through the woods the previous day was not enough! :P

I was happy that I hit the 5km in 30 mins and managed to catch up with Izuan before entering the beach... I'd say that this was the hardest part of the run... I pretty much had to zig-zag myself at this point as I wanted leave the beach! :P

Another roasting session... 
Look how I was frowning while running... Haha
Pic credits to Runevent Shots

By the time we left the beach it was really hot and I just sped my way to the finish line because I couldn't stand the heat and was stoked to have completed my recovery run in 1 hr 56 secs :D :D :D (Official PB since my first and only 10km event was 1 hr 21 mins)

With the other recovery runners... 
Superb la you guys and my Gs!!! :D :D :D

Captain completed in sub 1 hour, Apprentice in 1 hr 5 mins and Senorita in 1 hr 15 mins!
My G girls are just on fire! ;)
Pic credits to Selly

My sweet medals from SG this year... 

It was a superhectic day for both Captain and I as we had to rush straight from LCCT immediately after touching down from SG to Shangri-La to attend our running friend's wedding reception...

Both of us changed into our outfits in the carpark within 5 mins! 
Not bad right? Hehe
Hope there wasn't any CCTV nearby!!! :P  

So, there you have it!!! My last race before my dream marathon for the year, the NYC Marathon :)

Will be leaving in 10 days time with Captain G... Oh emmm geeee!!! *Superanxious but excited* Need to start packing soon!!!

Next: ING New York City Marathon :D :D :D


  1. Next time, lari kat beach kena pakai bikini tau! ;p well done for the back-to-back run. Gs memang rock the place wherever you run.

  2. you G's are super gorgeous and super awesome :)

  3. deo: hahaha... mana la i tau kena lari tepi pantai :P aww and that's so sweet of you to say that.. thank you :)

    kak j: awwwww thanks so much :)

    fandi: thank you! :)