Monday, October 3, 2011

Military Queens of the Road @ adidas KOTR 2011 ;)

Whoa... Just realised that it has been 2 months since I've participated in a running event here in KL! Hehe...

Yesterday, the Gs and our other running friends ran the anticipated running event by adidas... I took part in the 16.8km race... The 4 of us (Azu, Shanaz, Selly and I) decided to coordinate our outfits again! ;)

Waterguns would've completed our outfits ;) 
Oh, and would've worn an adidas top if they did sell a plain black running vest ;P

With less than 4 hours of sleep the night before and still feeling very tired from the previous runs on my happymill, I decided to just run happy and be satisfied if I were to complete the run within 1 hour 50 mins..

The 16.8km category was flagged off at 645am and the route shows no mercy right from the beginning!!! The NPE highway (Sunway - Jalan Templar - Sunway) was like a friggin' rollercoaster ride for the legs!!! I was running with Shanaz, Nik and Irwan at first... Since we started at the back, we had to zig zag and maneuver ourselves at the first 4km of the route... I started losing the trio after the 4km marker because my left foot got cramped up and ran solo from then onwards... Too fast for my legs to keep up with them :P

Alhamdulillah, the weather was nice and cloudy...  But that didn't stop me from sweating profusely while going through the elevations! The only setback during the run was the fact that the drinks at the water stations were not cold (room temperature... ugh!)... Oh, and it wasn't a scenic route at all of course! Definitely had to entertain my mind... :P

Bumped into a couple of my running friends while happily running... Decided to run faster than my usual pace at the last 2.8km... By the time I completed the race, I was completely drenched in sweat!!! Even my friends were laughing to see how one tiny small girl could sweat so much! Hehe...

Before crossing the finish line.. Hehe..
Pic credits to Tey

I completed the race in 1 hour 42 mins (unofficial time)... Woot woot!!! :D :D :D

And I am stoked to have managed to clock in my highest weekly mileage ever last week too!!! Double :D :D :D

The G queens ;)
Marlin, next time you must have the same skirt(s) as all of us :P

The Jejakas aka Js ;)

It was definitely an organised event... The fact that we had the highway to ourselves for the entire morning was uber cool! And I superlike the finisher medal! And the Gs definitely had lots of fun yesterday since it has been a while since all of us ran together in a race! :)

Pic credits to Zukhairi

And I debuted my new Miss Starry and did 'her' proud on her first race... Yayyyy!!! She's so lucky that I'll be taking her to New York!!! Grateful to have these shoes... You know who you are... :)

Happy queens! :)
Pic credits to Marlin

Congratulations to all of the kings and queens of the road yesterday! :)

T-34 days!!! *Nervous*

Next: The North Face 50km Mixed Duo, Singapore


  1. Congrats Nana! Next time kena sewa pacer mcm Shanaz lah baru tak kena tinggal hhehehe. Anyway, the Gs rocked the event lah

  2. very very cool pics... looks like a good run...

  3. happymill..hmm nice concept. Will see if it works tonight on my run..heh heh

  4. deo: haha.. thanks! takpe la, kena train lari solo2 pun ;)

    fandi: thanks :)

    julin: did it work? ;)