Monday, December 13, 2010

What a Weekend! :)

Hey guys and girlies... How was was your weekend? :)

Mine was a jam-packed one and it's going to be that for the next 2 weekends until the year's end... Thank God for supplements to keep me going!!! ;)

I decided to have a ME time over the weekend pamper at Dewi Ayu Spa at Plaza Damas on Saturday and did the very nice Javanese Golden Lulur treatment... A very much needed treat for my body :)

Oh, and I rewarded myself with these impulsive buys at Pavilion as well for completing my second marathon :)

Nike Free in my favourite colour!!! :D
My 3rd running shoes...

Fitflops for my aching legs at the moment!

My right foot is still in pain after Singapore... I am feeling restless already since I didn't run at all and pretty much fatten myself up for the entire week... Sigh... I hope this pain will go away soon... :(

I need to go for an island getaway to even out my super uneven tan lines on my body from running... I pretty much have a 4-toned skin now and I look like a freaking tom cat with all the lines at the moment... :P

But the weather has been pretty unpredictable to be going to islands... I guess I might have to wait til' March or April next year...

Where should I go? Hmmm....


  1. perhentian, redang? (boring?)..

  2. kash: ouhhh that sounds good! mabul/sipadan? are you going there to dive or snorkel? *excitedme*

    ijam: been to perhentian 2 years ago.. redang is in my list since i've never been there... cantik than perhentian kecil or not? ;)