Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - A Running Year :)

Indeed it was....

One 12km run, two 15km runs, 6 half marathons, one 25km run, one 30km run and 2 full marathons for the year... Phewwwwww....

My Babies for 2010 :D :D :D


Wearing all of my babies... Only because someone suggested it :P

This is such a super achievement for me considering that I ran at only 3 events last year and I was still recovering from the back condition (Spondylosis L5)...  *Pat on the back banyak kali* 

Alhamdulillah for this and I thank Allah everyday for giving me the chance to breathe healthily everyday and the strengths that He has given me to go through all of the runs/marathons...

And for the fact that I've met all of you amazing running peeps along the way... You know who you are... :) Thank you for the inspirations and supports, via my blog, Facebook, and/or in person... And kudos to all of you for your achievements this year... *Salute* 

I can't wait for what's in store for me come next year... I will probably cut down on the running events next year since my parents are making a lot of noise on my 'running away' commitments... Hehe...  I have signed up for a couple of runs next year... Will definitely do one full marathon here di tanah tumpahnya darahku :)

But I do wanna run at new places... Must plan really soon! 

But for now, I seriously need to plan a getaway by the beach as I think that I do deserve one to pamper myself... :)


  1. you deserve the beach and much more. hehe congrats on your achievements!

  2. Congratulations and a very nice medal collection.

    Tak berat ke pakai semua sekali :p

    Thank you for sharing your journey and hope to meet you at some of the coming runs..

  3. kash: hehe... thank you! one step at a time :)

    chris: thank you! hehe berat jugak la.. but oh well.. all good for the camera! ;)

    and yeah, hope to meet you soon too!

    but i think i saw you last friday in front of damas... was running with ps ;)