Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last month of 2010...

'Running away from your problems does not count as exercise.' by Edgar Argo
I wish it was... I would've done 20 marathons by this year then :P
Pic credits to Edgar Agro and taken from 

My oh my... Where did the last 11 months go?!!!

I hope that this month will be a bearable one for me... 

As I was and still emotionally and mentally drained out, I was contemplating about 13297898 times on whether to run for my second full marathon or not in a couple of days time...

But I decided to just go ahead and do it... Since it'll be my final running event for the year... Just gotta think a lot of happy thoughts when I'm running this time around... 

Besides, I want to own my very first finisher tee as a marathoner since Melbourne didn't give me one... Hehe... *Mengader* (And I'm still waiting for my finisher medal to be delivered!!! Ishhh!!!)

Next year, no more running in Singapore... It's about time that I explore other places or countries to run... IF money and time permits insyaAllah... ;) 

I've yet to plan my race(s) for next year... Only have the Gold Coast Marathon in mind so far... 

So tell me my fellow running buddies... Have you planned out your races for 2011? 

Do share... :)


  1. Good luck in S'pore! I've dunnit twice, it's okay but super-crowded. Had to sell my bib this time around due to injury.
    Seems like everyone's going for GC Marathon. And myself and some peeps have got our running calendars planned out. That includes quite plenty of runs in Thailand. Just holler if u wanna join :)

  2. wow 13297898 times is a lot of numbers...

    i'm gonna run my 1st FM at SCMS, pls kick my rear if u see me lazily walking the FM..he he

  3. khairul: oh no!!! hope it's nothing serious with the injury... ohh do share with me with your running events in thailand k? that's a country that's in my list ;)

    rayzeef: hehe.. yeah... and wooohooooo to you!!! so excited for you!!! you'll soar through your first FM punya la ;)