Friday, December 17, 2010

Guys, You Have Been Warned ;)

Since Christmas is around the corner, please be thoughtful AND considerate when it comes to buying gifts, especially for your girlfriend or wife :P

This was a clever viral marketing campaign done by Satchi and Satchi New York in collaboration with a superb interactive agency, Razorfish for JCPenney back in 2008...

Thanks to my good friend's sister Danielle for sharing the video on Facebook...

Oh, and this applies to birthdays and anniversaries too yeah guys ;P

It will be another hectic weekend with weddings and birthday parties... And one of my 4 besties is going to get hitched tonight... The first from the group :)

Besties for 9 years already :D
So happy that you've finally found your Mr Right :) Now you've to find one for me k :P

And I am definitely going to give my legs a try over a run at the park this weekend... It's been too too long!!!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. the only jewellery i would like is a 310xt. Hehe.

  2. Nana...i sooo love the video u shared. haha..thanks for sharing.. if only there is such thing in this world.. haha.. happy kan.

  3. kash: hahaha... nice! i think it's too big on my tangan though.. ;)

    izrin: hehe you're welcome! memang happy so at least they won't repeat the same mistake again kan ;P