Friday, December 3, 2010

Running with My (Broken) Heart....

"God is closest to those with broken hearts" 

- Jewish Proverb -

This coming Sunday, for my very second full marathon, I will definitely try and give my very all...

Ready or not... Even with my imbalanced state of mind at the moment... It's the only thing that's keeping me sane and grounded anyway...

And I dedicate this run to my one and only heart, that has been shattered and broken into pieces for too many times already...

So to my dear heart, I am really sorry for the pains and complications that you had to go through for the past couple of days, months or even years...

Let's do this on Sunday and I shall take you on a healing holiday perhaps? *wink*

I promise that I will make it up to you and that by 2011, you'll be a happy one insyaAllah... :)

Have a good weekend everyone! :) 

Oh, and hope to see you runners at Marathon Singapore!!! :)


  1. Wah, tajuk blog dah macam tajuk lagu lah.. cool.
    Don't worry, u run with your legs, not your heart.
    Maybe u can find some extra boost of happiness once you cross the finish line of your marathon #2.


  2. nik: hehe.. thanks for the encouragement! will def keep that in mind... jiwa kacau sikit lately ni so hopefully it won't affect on my run nanti... and thanks for the luck! see you soon! :)

  3. I'm in Singapore right now, checked out Running Labs in Novena Velocity.

    Singapore is quite a nice place to run, all the best you :D

  4. firewire: hey! are you running as well? :) i've been running in singapore for the past 2 years.. hehe...

  5. ya, no physical preparation for this 10km run. suppose to go for penang marathon but something happened. hopefully can enjoy this 10km run :D

  6. I was running with broken heart too during KL Marathon 2008 and it was on b'day some more.
    Whatever can't kill you, will make you stronger. Not only physical but your heart too. See you soon.

  7. hey nana you're fireworks! lets rawk Singapore :)

  8. run your heart out! It's definitely gonna be a good run. enjoy yourself and finish it feeling refreshed, reenergized and recharged. Then only u know u have ran your HEART OUT!

  9. Darling, i wish u all the best in your run tomorrow... when you run, you are a different person.. so just run and forget about everything else..! gud luck :*

  10. firework: it was nice meeting you just now! good luck! btw what's your real name le? ;P

    ray ray: thanks! :) i'll try to be one... hehe..

    ian: thanks for the tip! will keep that in mind :)

    izrin: thanks babe! i'm just going to do that and block everything else :) you should run here next year ;)