Monday, October 1, 2012

The City By The Bay

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates! Was busy with the launching of Sukan G, especially with the Facebook page, up until my last day in KL!!!

And now I'm in the West Coast with Captain and feeling the jet-lag and under the weather... But loving the city at the moment! I used to come here a few times with my family but of course couldn't remember a thing, so it's kind of refreshing to be here again :)

And I have to say that it's probably going to be my 2nd favourite city in the States! The people here are warm and friendly, the food is superyummy, everything is accessible and it feels safe to be walking on the streets, and there are lots of runners here! This city reminds me a lil' bit of Melbourne too... Only that it's better ;) (Sorry my dear 2nd kampung!)

Shall update from time to time... In the meantime, enjoy the pics :)

Captain and I at Pier 39

The luscious tree and beautiful flowers at Golden Gate Park

At one of the houses on the way to Alamo Square... An idea for my old jeans perhaps ;)

At the famous Postcard Row

One of the pretty hearts 'left' all over the city

At the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, our 5km marker for this morning's run

I might have to come back to this place again and run a marathon ;)

Oh and it's 6 more days 'til Chicago Marathon!!!

*Anxious and excited*

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