Thursday, September 20, 2012

International What?! @ Taiping International Marathon

It was my first race (and long run too!) after my injury... I was really excited about it as I've never been to Taiping before...

Well, I was more excited about the road trip and the food actually :P

One of the best Chee Cheong Funs I've had at Taiping Hawker Centre

Only in Taiping - Kelempong Satay!!! Super yummy!!!

I thought that when organisers put 'International' in a running event's title, we runners would actually expect somewhat an organised race... Sadly, that wasn't the case...

We pretty much ran with cars passing us by as the roads were not closed, we even had to cross the streets on our own (except for the times where the policemen were manning at the traffic lights), no cones were provided to divide the runners and the cars, late flag-off (one hour!)... Sponges were provided much more than water... Oh, and who in the world would give Spritzer's POP at the water stations to runners?!! 

Despite all of that, the weather was breezily awesome!!! It was cloudy, windy and it drizzled for a while... Fotuenti accompanied and ran with me throughout the route (terima kasih!) It's always better when you have someone to run with ;) 

And the route was scenic too! Loved the beautiful giant trees along the hilly route! So I forgive you organisers for throwing such a bad race for us :P 

I was worried that my left leg was going to act up since I've ran a few times before that and that I was still feeling the strain on my inner thigh area... So my aim was just to finish the race since I can't really push myself as I've a big race coming up real soon ;) 

But Alhamudulillah!!! My left leg behaved sooooooooo well on that day that I was beaming after the race :D :D :D

Seeee!!! ;)
Pic taken by Lilian

So I crossed the 21.64km route in 2 hrs 23 mins with sheer joy!!! I am so proud of my legs!!! 

Both of us are wearing running tops from Sukan G ;)
Check us out (Sukan G page) on Facebook! 

I think our last race together was back in January ;P 

And what is a race without posing for the camera ;P
This is our cheerleader pose ;) 
Pic taken from Rosey

So, yes! I've conquered three races in Perak (Bidor, Ipoh and Taiping) already! And I have to say that I like Bidor's one the best so far!

And I think my legs will be just fine for Chicago :)

Fun weekend it was! And I hope all of you had a good one too! 


  1. Congratz dear for your timing in TIM HM run... U sure ran like a wind along those route, with a body guard some more... pretty awesome... hehe...

    It was my maiden TIM too, have to agree with u, the organizer sucks, BIG time, thanx goodness it was a cloudy weather n breathtaking scenery along the way... =D Best of luck 4 your Chicago dear!

  2. eezard: i agree! and yes! running with a companion makes it a whole lot easier ;) but i think you can't have too much expectations when running outside of kl ;) oh, and thanks for the wish :)