Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sukan G - It's Finally Here!

To all of my workoutholic girlfriends and readers,

Our 'baby' is finally here!!! And it's alive and kicking!!!

Sukan G (Sukan is Sport in my native language and G stands for well... Girls) is thrilled to bring you stylish apparels and accessories while you're sweating it out!

My partners and I love to dress up and look good before we hit the gym or go out for a run! And that's how our 'baby' was born :)

We are so proud to share our 'baby' with all of you after months of working hard on this!

Do check out our Facebook page by clicking at the badge on the left side of this blog or you can click here...

You can also follow us on Twitter at @SukanGirls

We can't wait to share on what we've to offer to you pretty ladies!!! :)

Oh, and for our friends and readers here in KL:

The email add again is sukan(dot)girls@gmail.com

Come and join the fun! :) 

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