Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The City By The Lake

It was our first time to Chi-town and although we felt like the trip was quick (due to our practice runs, the marathon itself and finding gems for Sukan G), I fell in love with the city instantly from day one!

We stayed in downtown and everything was accessible via the public transportation or by foot! We pretty much walked to places while we were there as our apartment's location was great and walkable to Chi-town's attractions!

And the people there are genuinely nice and friendly! It seems that it's pretty normal for strangers to talk and be chatty with you! I shall let the pictures 'speak' for the highlights of my trip there :)

The lobby of our apartment... Loved it!
I can imagine mine being somewhat like this when I have a house in the future ;)

If San Francisco had hearts 'left' all over the city, Chicago had balls instead ;P

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!
This famous bakery was featured in Sex and the City! 

Met my primary schoolmate who's currently residing and working there... The last time we met was 17 years ago! Amazing how FB can re-connect you with your old mates :) 
Of course we had to have these for our catch-up dinner there...

Only in Chi-town - Deep dish pizza at Lou Minalti's! Sinful but heavenly scrumptious!!!

Beautiful skyline and Lake Michigan!!!

Was in complete awe when I was in the room filled with Monet's paintings at The Art Institute of Chicago :)

View of the skyline from Nichols Bridge

Couldn't get enough of the bean, so we came back again! ;)

So, what did we do the day after the marathon?

The same thing that we did when we were in NYC - show off our bling day! ;)

Captain and I with a part of Chicago as the background :)

The medal was our main star alright :)
Yummy red velvet cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory (where Penny works!) 

Just following the tradition ;)

And the best part of the day was our celebratory dinner at none other than.... 

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The famous Italian restaurant by the celebrity couple, Giuliana and Bill Rancic :D
Great food and great service! 
The ONLY time where the both of us dressed up to celebrate Captain's birthday and our achievements :)

I had a blast in Chi-town! And I'd like to say thank you again to everyone who followed our journey from day one and for continuously supporting us with your kind and positive words :) You have inspired me to do more and challenge myself, even with all of the setbacks... I'm truly blessed and grateful for that... May God bless each and every one of you! Oh, and thanks to our supporter-cum-photographer for that day for taking those awesome pics :) (a short Oscar speech this time around :P) 

And it was a wonderful 2-week getaway too! Couldn't ask for a better traveling partner, as always! :) 

Who knows, maybe one day I'll return and catch up on the places that I didn't get to go insyaAllah ;)

Captain, let's plan for our next adventure! :D 

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