Monday, August 1, 2011

A Tribute to MJ @ Men's Health/Shape Night Run :)

For my Muslim running friends and I, this run was going to be our last race before the holy Ramadhan month begins...

So my girls and I, the Gs, decided to play dress-up again for the 2nd time... And this time around, I coined the idea of dressing up as our late and legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson... His birthday was supposed to be next month on the 29th of August... So, we wanted to pay a tribute to him at the run... :) 

It was my 2nd time running at this event... The first time, which was 3 years ago and also the first one by these magazines, I was recovering from my back pain and ran for the first time after almost a year of recovering and resting... The medals were given out to the top 75 finishers if I'm not mistaken at that time... So, the target was to just finish the race... This time around, I thought I might as well try my luck and get one since this is the only event that I haven't gotten myself one... This year, they were giving out 100 medals for my category... *Kiasu me* :P 

The race was flagged off at 820pm by none other than the President of Perbadanan Putrajaya, Tan Sri Samsudin Osman who's also my favourite uncle... :) I managed to run up to him and quickly say hi before dashing off... ;) I started running with Apprentice G aka Azu at the first 2km of the route and somehow we kind of lost each other along the way... I was contemplating with myself during the run whether or not to chase for the medal and finish within the qualifying time... At one point, I didn't even bother because I couldn't stand the heat and forgot to bring my GU gel... But then, I decided to just run happy and give it a shot... With a lil' help from Ribena pastilles that I was carrying in my pocket... ;)

Before the finish line.. Had to hold to the hat during the run and only wore it to pose for the paparazzi ;) 
Pic credits to Tey

Almost puked at the finish line...But, I was happy when they gave me a placing card...

#80 in the Women's Open category in 1 hour 16 mins babyyyy!!!  :D :D :D

Superhappy that I've finally conquered this race... Of course with our outfits, we wasted no time to do our fave thing after running... Enjoy... ;)

With Izuan and Azu... This pic was taken before the run actually ;)
Izuan finished in 1 hour 7 mins... My idol always! ;)
Azu finished in 1 hour 24 mins... Don't worry my apprentice, you'll conquer more races and have nicer medals after this insyaAllah... :) 
Pic credits to Tey

Shanaz and I...
She finished in 1 hour 9 mins (#38)!!! Oooowww!!! :D
Pic credits to Shanaz

With another skirter, KA... I'm still waiting for you to wash my car... ;)
Marlin, another MJ girl, finished in 1 hour 10 mins (#40)!!! Hee-hee!!! :D
Pic credits to Shanaz

With Nik... Good to see you again! 
He was pacing with Shanaz... You're so going to be my pacer after this! ;P

Did one of MJ's famous poses ;P

With part of my running family here... :)
Karen (in pink running skirt) is one of the 'champions' for the Running for Orang Asli cause... A noble cause that is dear to her heart... A superfast and hot running mama she is too! :D
Pic credits to Shanaz

It was a superhot night at Putrajaya for the runners... The distance was accurate according to my toy, the Forerunner 610... ;) The emcees were entertaining throughout the night... Although, there were a couple of let-downs at this event... Firstly, the water stations didn't have enough volunteers, the runners had to wait for the cups to be filled with water... Second, they didn't provide any isotonic drinks or sponges at the water stations... For a big-scale event like this, the organisers should know that isotonic drinks are essential when running in KL due to the extreme hot weather that we've been experiencing lately... And the fact that the runners had to push each other to grab small cups of Gatorade after crossing the finish line, it was an ugly sight... Must buck-up next year dear organisers!!! ;)

But at the end of the night, my friends and I had lots of fun at this race... And to look 'different' among the 6000 runners, we definitely did rock the night away... ;)

It has been 2 years since you've left us... Rest in peace...This one's for you... 
The Gs :)

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