Friday, July 29, 2011

The After Hours Athlete

It is a title that most of us have and most probably aren't even aware of.... *wink*

Why? Because this campaign done by Puma last year was dedicated to the playfulness in after hours sports - such as pool, bowling, playing arcade games... Sports that we didn't really have to train but have one outcome - fun!!!

So, we are all naturally athletes in our own respective ways... :)

You can check out the superfun website here

My fave after hours sport at the moment is pool... Getting better at it now since the last time I played was when back in high school... Hehe... What's yours?

Have a good weekend everyone... To my running gfriends that will be running tomorrow night at Men's Health/Shape Night Run, hope to see you there...

There's a surprise from my friends and I... Will blog about it after tomorrow's race... Hee-heee!!! ;)

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