Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Addition to the Family ;)

I didn't know what to reward myself from my recent achievement at Gold Coast Airport Marathon...

Until I saw this...

I've been looking all over for you!!! :D
Ms DS Trainer 16 by Asics ;)

By the way, the famous Running Lab store in Singapore (which I've blogged about last year during my Sundown Marathon trip here) has opened its store here in Malaysia!!! Happy happy dancing me!!! :)

The store is located at Ground Floor in Tropicana City Mall... And that's where I got my shoes from... ;) You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here...

Mr Tempo is now complete ;)

So now I have 2 pairs of running shoes dedicated to my marathons (like I'm doing a marathon every other week :P) and LSDs...

Can't wait to train my legs in you, Miss DS 16... ;)

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