Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pain is Temporary...

"If you suffer, Thank God! -- It is a sure sign that you are alive." 

- Elbert Hubbard -

How cute is that quote? Hehe...

I had to undergo a surgery yesterday to remove an 11-day-old abscess just below my tummy... It has been there since my day one in Paris...

(If you don't know what is an abscess, click here to know more...)

Alhamdulillah, the surgery went well but the heartbreaking part is that I can't run or work out for the next one month or so due to the deep and open wound from the surgery... *Supercry*

So, no Borneo International Marathon for me next weekend... I will be a cheerleader though since I've already paid for the flight tix + accommodation... ;)

And since I'll be on leave from work for the next one week or so, I will definitely update this blog of mine with my super outdated entry on Paris Marathon and the superhorrible Energizer Night Race...

So, stay tuned! :) 


  1. get well soon and back to running :D

    hopefully see you at SCKLM this year again.

  2. Speedy recovery, Speedy Nana! :)

  3. firewire: thank you! yes will be at SCKLM to do HM.. you? :)

    zack: hehe i hope so! thanks! :)

  4. me going for 10KM only. trying to break below 1 hour record. Next year will be doing HM :D

  5. This is super inspiring! You are a superwoman babes!

  6. firewire: i thought you're supposed to do 21 this year... i think it's about time that you do HM soon :)

    nas: awwww thanks babe! :) *hugs*