Friday, April 22, 2011

Dream :)

Happy Friday peeps! :)

Well, I'm going to share a video instead of an ad today...

This video was done in 2008 by Brooks and it captures the fantasy of a perfect...

Yeap, you got it... run :)

Definitely a dream... But running from Boston all the way to Beijing... That's just purely suicidal... Hehe  :P

Hope you'll enjoy this video as I did... And have an awesome weekend everyone! :)

And to my running friends, run happy and dare to dream... :)


  1. i like the smiling knees. :D

  2. azman: oh yay! first comment from you ;) and i know!!! how i wish they were 'singing' to us while we're running away ;)

  3. kan? mesti best if the knees are singing. but most of the time, they'll be screaming.

  4. or probably cursing at us from the sufferings and the pain :P