Monday, April 4, 2011

The Orang Asli Trail Run...

...was an awesome session...

Kudos to the organisers - Dzul, Karen, Julie, Irwan and Azhar for the noble cause and for educating us about them...

You have no idea the quality of life that the Orang Aslis have to endure on a daily basis... So, please be thankful and grateful for your comfortable life k peeps? ;)

The trail was very tough... Cancelled my intention straight away to do 2 loops instead... :P

It was awesome to be trailing with Rose and Nyna as we both had fun laughing at each other's 'melatahs' :P 

I shall let the pictures speak for the superfun day that I've had with my friends... ;)


With Shanaz, Nyna, Cynthia and Rose...
Our camwhore session started from the carpark :P

With my 'bf' in Paris soon ;P

With Ijam and Ian... Good seeing you guys :)

With Shanaz, Rose and Nyna

With the kids... Too too cute!!! :)
Apparently I am being teased by my friends, saying that this was a Miss Universe shot :P

The organisers (minus Azhar) prepping us before the run :) 

During the run:

While crossing the river :) 

Wearing one of my fave tees... 
"There are two roads in life. Run both" :) 

One of my fave pics from Tey :)

With Rose, Luyen and Nyna before the torturous climb...

Trying not to trip for the 127th time :P 

Jumping pose is a must :P

At the last river where all of us took a dip and became kids ;) 


The gediks posing with the awesome finisher medal ;)

The 'celebrity' shot :P

With Shanaz and Yim :) 

With Mr Runfool and the birthday boy yesterday, Suren :)

With a fellow Arian KK and Rozmi...

Group pic with the kids again...  :) 

Goofing around with the signage... What's really down there Irwan? :P

One of the best finisher medals EVER! 
Handmade by the Orang Aslis :) 

Special thanks to Shanaz, Yim, Tey and Nyna for all of the pictures taken yesterday... Loving all of them!!! :)

T-6 Days!!! :D :D :D


  1. I miss the 'ikan keli masak dalam buluh' part

  2. i sure miss the fun time .. ur ms universe pose memang mengancam hehe

  3. ijam: yeahh me too... we were too hungry already by that time.. hehe..

    kak june: hahahaha.. tak pasal2 kena ejek.. but you were there in spirit with us ;)

  4. sorry...that the OA took such a long time to cook. it would seem i was their wake up call when i was there in the morning. LOL! i told them to build the fire. but they took a while after you left before they started it. the ikan keli was really fragrant because of the daun and the buluh. very nice. sorry you guys were hungry. my apologies..

  5. karen: hey don't be sorry! we had so much fun pun :) i'm sure we can 'merasa' at the next round kan *wink*