Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bonjour :)

Alhamdulillah, I am home again...

I've had one of the best and magical 5 days in my entire life... 

And it was all thanks to the beautiful City of Love... :)

And what's more important, I turned 28 by becoming a sub-5 marathoner on my birthday!!!

(Running) Dreams do really come true :D

I will update supersoon with my marathon experience once the jetlag has resided... :P

Je n'oublierai jamais, Paris... :)


  1. welcome back Nana...

    jgn update pasal run je, tapi also runs to the malls :D

  2. zeroice: thank you! :)

    syah: haha... of course will update that with pics ;P

  3. congrats n happy belated bday! did u run all the way with the tiara? :)

  4. post gambar beli apa kat sana heheh
    congrats again on ur superb timing .. kak june mimpi ajelah laju camtu haha

  5. ira: thank you! and yes i did but turned it into a headback instead when i ran.. only when the cameras were around that i wore it properly... ;)

    kak june: hehe tak beli banyak pun.. but will do ;) hehe... thanks for the wish! i'm sure you can have that timing.. ;)