Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Ms and 1 UM

I thought of 'slowing down' this year and concentrate on achieving my ultimate finishing time for a full marathon at my next awesome destination ;)

But I guess I am only slowing down in terms of travelling around to run this year... Haha! :P

So, here's what will be in store for me for this year (besides the usual races that I'll be signing up for back at home):

1. Sundown Marathon, Singapore - 26 May
Yeap, it's a month away and the only reason why I signed up for this race is because I wanted to complete my collection of medals from this race since I've done 10km and 21km previously... Kiasu of me I know... But I think it's just another excuse of me to just leave KL for a weekend :P

When I did my last race there 2 years ago, it was badly organised... Apparently, they've changed the route and it will be a totally new one for the year... ANDDDDD the marathon will start at 10pm instead... Hopefully it will be a good race... Night runs for training, how I've missed you :P

2. Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Malaysia - 24 June
Before a lot of my running friends tease me for not running a marathon back here in KL, I've decided to do it this year after running 2 halfies previously... Had fun being a runaway schoolgirl last year too! ;)

And since all of my Gs will be running at this race, we're definitely going to be 'unique' again and have tons of fun at this year's race ;) Can't wait for this race! :)

So, double hills and hot sun, here I come!!! :P

3. Bank of America Chicago Marathon, USA - 7 October 
Last year, I ran my birthday marathon in Paris with my running partner in crime, Shanaz... While thinking about our next running adventure for this year, we decided to check the dates for this year's marathon majors' races...

And there it was on the website, the Chicago Marathon's scheduled to be happening on Captain G's birthday! Of course, we decided to register immediately for this marathon when it opened! And since we both are planning to beat our PBs here, we're definitely going to train again, just like for NYC before :)

This will be my first time to the Windy City and a second marathon major :) Can't wait for this trip (and holiday!) insyaAllah! Time to start saving up again!

Training during puasa month, here we come again! ;P

4. The North Face 100, Singapore - October
Fell in love with the MacRitchie Resevoir Park last year when I did the 50km duo challenge with my Idola G and the post-race food too :P My big toe nails are still healing from the race as they're not as uglier as before... Hehe...

This year, I thought of joining the 100km duo challenge instead (FRIM will be my best friend soon :P) and complete my first ultramarathon this year insyaAllah :) Still looking around for a partner for this... Anyone interested? Let me know ok ;)

So there you have it... (What have I gotten myself into again and again and again?!!! :P) InsyaAllah, my legs will be able to run happy at all of these marathons (and one ultramarathon) :)

I should SERIOUSLY find a sponsor for my running adventures... Anyone? :P

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