Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seven Weeks

So my first marathon of the year will be happening next month in Singapore and it will be none other than the Sundown Marathon event...

The reason why I signed up for this race this year was because:
a. I did my first ever race there in 2008 :)
b. I've collected both 10km and 21km finisher medals
c. Naturally, I had to have the full marathon one (Kiasu!) :P

(Fine, more than one reason :P)

I was 'sleeping' in January and February, by only clocking in 35km and 43km respectively in terms of mileage... What a number right? Hahaha :P But I didn't regret it, for I did other things than running, such as yoga, rock-climbing and futsal :) 

My legs finally 'woke up' last month and thanks to the weekly gym sessions (Yes I've joined the gym again!) and runs that I have been doing with the recruits from Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC), I can safely say that the training for Sundown has begun :P Though I am not aiming to beat my PB at this event, I have to make sure that my legs will be okay throughout the entire marathon right ;)

So, it's time to step up again this month (and next month too!) *Phew* ;)

In the meantime, I can't wait to watch one of my favourite bands tonight here in KL :)

Definitely the BEST song from them in my books! And a good one to listen to while running ;)

Have a good Wednesday peeps! :)