Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life's Simple Pleasures #1

I am currently addicted to these:

Magnum Chocolate Truffle


Chatime's Lychee Pearl Black Tea
Pic taken from here

Sinful but superduper yummy!!! And I don't mind having these two at the same time... Hah!

Note to self: I should start my training soon :P 

Oh, the other night I had my one and only lou sang and CNY dinner with my friends from COBC... And here's what I got from my fortune cookie: 

I guess there's no harm on changing my perspectives when it comes to the matter of the heart? 

Maybe :) 


  1. Of course... always, always :D

  2. Manisnya...
    Sila kurangkan pengambilan gula. Eh I thought the princess has always been training? :-p

  3. That is so true! BTW it's always been Magnunm Almond for me ;)

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