Friday, November 19, 2010

Thai Ads

Haven't been doing this for a while now on a Friday... :)

When I was studying my postgraduate degree in Advertising, I met and became friends with my Thai course-mates, and they were always nice to share their country's latest TVCs with me up til' today via Facebook...

And I have to say that most of the ads are creatively and brilliantly executed...

So, I am going to share a couple of entertaining TVCs that I've seen so far with all of you :)

1. Shera Ceiling Board - A Gecko Love Tragedy (cute!)

2. We're Sorry, Thailand (super moving ad!)

3. Disconnect To Connect (a reminder to us BB/iPhone users)

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! :)

Oh, and hope to see all you in Penang this weekend... Will dance my half marathon away as it will be my sweet LSD before my 2nd full marathon in Singapore... :)


  1. thai ads have always been our case studies. we all love thai ads!

  2. kash: kan?!!! i've always check out their ads from time to time... if only our clients here can give us the agency the liberty to be more out-of-the-box ;)