Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Terry Fox Run, Taman Titiwangsa...

I had blast last Sunday with my fellow bootcampers from Bandar Utama...

It was so good to see parents bringing out their beautiful babies and kids out in the morning for a stroll in the park too... :)

We decided to run 2 loops of the lake and pretty much camwhored whenever we can of course :P

Before the run pics:

With super marathoner YKK and Rosey...
The t-shirt is super comfy!!!
Pic credits to YKK

Our t-shirts were imprinted with "Team OBC Bandar Utama" words... Nice!!!

The junior bootcampers-to-be... Except for Ms Ody there... :P
Aren't they super cute?!!!

Post-running pics:

Pose wajib for every run ;P

The running towards the finish line pose...

More superdrama poses by us :P

Over drama pose by fellow bootcamper, John :P

With my ex-colleagues, Echa and Juliet with Suren from Runfool :)

See how much fun we have when we're running (and after that too)? ;)

I'm back with the team for this month to train for my PBIM and Marathon Singapore... It has been a blast so far :)

By the way, if you are interested to experience bootcamp, we'll be having our free session called Bring A Friend Day this Friday (12/11) at 5.45am or 7am... 

Do sign-up at http// yeah? :) 

The OBC Bandar Utama team...
All of the pics (except for YKK's one) were taken from Rosey's beautiful camera :)

Next: Penang Bridge International Half Marathon....

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