Friday, March 26, 2010

Bon Voyage...

On a side note:

1. Superlike the new template. Cheers to blogger!!! :D

2. Got this all the way from Turin (Thank you Keme!!!) :D

Eventhough they are not doing very well this season, but Forze Juve!!!

3. Got my copy of Women's Health magazine all the way from the US. Recently subscribed it for a year via their website... Mad love for this magazine! I've been reading it religiously for the past 4 years...

Check out Kara of American Idol's body... HOT!!!

And, its so much cheaper than buying the magazine on a monthly basis kat sini...

Until then, I will blog once I am back from my well-deserved trip! ;)

PS: Please switch off your lights for an hour this Saturday (27/3) at 8:30pm, wherever you are... It's the Earth Hour y'all! Do your bit for our home! :)

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