Friday, March 12, 2010

Absolutely Starstruck...

Well, it's not like everyday you'll feel this way.. Especially here in Malaysia..

Anyways, I went for an Anlene event earlier this morning for a press conference on their latest development...

And guess who was there...

Yeap.. The Anlene Ambassador herself, Dato' Michelle Yeoh...

She is soooooo tiny!!! I think her waist is like 22" or something... Oh, and she's smokin' hot ok!!!

When she was seating down during the Q&A session with the media, I couldn't stop staring at those sexy heels that she was wearing (apart from her super nice True Religion jeans):

Look at dem sexy heels!!!

Managed to google and found out that it's the Pique Cire 'mini boots' from Christian Louboutin: 

Christian Louboutin Pique Cire Strappy shoe boot
Pic taken from Polyvore

Super in love with these shoes! Thanks to you, Michelle Yeoh, this shall be on my wishlist for this year! :P

Anyhoo, did you guys know that you bones start to deteriorate as early as 30 years old? 

Well, Anlene has been clinically proven to protect your bone strength within 4 weeks!!!

How cool is that?! ;)

After the press conference, both me and my colleague went for a bone health check. You pretty much put your right leg on this machine called Achilles Insight and Express.. 

My results on the probability of getting Osteoporosis: LOW risk ;)

Then, you'll have a one-to-one session with a nutritionist about your bone health result and he or she will give you tips on maintaining strong bones (exercise and healthy lifestyle of course :P) and recommends which Anlene product to take.

There's an Anlene Milk Bar where you can get free samples, such as normal Anlene milk accompanied with a digestive biscuit, concentrated Anlene milk, and their yummy yoghurts.

For a lactose intolerant person, I must say that the products are pretty good...

So, I think I'm going to start early to keep my tulangs healthy ;)

The event will be happening at the Concourse Level, One Utama, New Wing from today till Sunday (14/3).

Worth checking it out peeps!


  1. babe tq for the info..where can i go for the osteophorosis check up yea?
    i've started drinking anlene coz i think my bones x kuat(wpun gemuk dan besar badan i)
    oh wait..the louboutin is freaking sexy!but..definitely not good for the bones ;p

  2. wow.... you were there for the press con for Anlene?? haha.. i was there too... are you representing a press??

  3. diah - you're welcome.. well.. you can check out their website at on the venues.. they usually buat kat supermarkets during weekends...good on you for drinking anlene! and agree with you on the heels.. tapi cantik weii!! ;)

    brian - hello.. yes i was there.. not representing the press, i work for them ;)